PVC is the go-to material for 100% of outdoor deck projects. When you’re looking to build a composite deck, PVC should be your go-to. With a plethora of composite decking products to choose from, we could spend time telling you about all of them in turn, but there are a few types of material we absolutely love. Here at Dynamic Decks, we can’t wait to design and build decks using PVC decking.

Why PVC Decking?

  1. While other composite decking is usually created of one or two different types of plastics and other materials, PVC decking is composed of one material – polyvinyl chloride. That means It’s free of any wood ingredients and therefore, non-porous.
  2. It’s lightweight yet solid, perfect for an outdoor deck.
  3. It’s slip-resistant and offers a wood-like surface appearance.
  4. It offers easy maintenance; just sweep away debris or hose off the deck to clean!
  5. You can choose from a range of colors and styles.
  6. The look of PVC decks (color and surface grains) last much longer than traditional wood stain or paint.
  7. PVC boards will not split, crack, warp, or bulge due to sun or moisture.
  8. No irritating or painful slivers or splinters!

The decking material right for you will depend on your lifestyle and maintenance desires. Is it sturdy? Reliable? Able to withstand the weather? Safe for my kids to play on? Yes! In most cases, PVC decking will check every single box. You’ll love it, your family and friends will love it, and even your pets will love it, too! Take a look at some of our recent PVC deck projects and give us a shout to talk about how we can update or build your new PVC deck.

Did you know home values increase by adding a deck, recovering your existing deck, or updating your deck to make it modern, functional, and beautiful? It’s true! Contact Matt at Dynamic Decks for a project quote.